January 16, 2012

One year birthday knitted dress

My little cutie was about to become one year old and I really needed something special for that day. I browsed dozens if not hundreds models, both crochet and knitted and finally chose a shorter variant of this dress for baptizing. The yarn is merino wool, extremely soft and cuddle.

My daughter was not a big fan of dresses but did not mind this one. Now one year later she still uses it, more like a tunic.


Ingrid said...

What a beautiful dress. Was it difficult? I'm looking for something like that for my niece. She's still months, but I need to be fast. Otherwise I will miss it.

And happy birthday to your daughter.

Саша Ель said...

Зашла в гости))) Какое же красивое платьице... ммм Обладательница неотразима)))) Ждём обновки!!!